BIDENSWAP (BIDEN) is a DeFi project. Our community is building a comprehensive, decentralized trading platform for the future of the financial industry. This is a system operating in the form of Automated Market Maker (AMM - roughly translated: “Automated market creation system).

Influencing Sales
Engaging Customer
Generating Insights
Boosting Operations
Reliable & Cost Effective
24/7 Fully Support
Dedicated Developers
Psychological scoring

Pre-Sale Starting in

Token Listing Price 1 BIDEN = 0.00006 USD.

Pre Sale

BNB Orders

0.01 BNB = 100.000 BIDEN
0.1 BNB = 1.000.000 BIDEN
1 BNB = 10.000.000 BIDEN
Claim 20.000 BIDEN

Referral Rewards

- Invite everyone to get 100% referral bonus for each
Airdrop and Presale.
- Get 30% BNB & 70% BIDEN per referral.

Our Feature


Bidenswap Exchange is an automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to exchange two tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network.


Liquidity allows you to add liquidity to any token in other words you can list any token you hold on an exchange and you will get LP tokens, When someone does a swap tokens.


Bidenswap Farms provides many farming opportunities to our users. You can stake your LP tokens and in return earn BIDEN tokens


Bidenswap Launchpool is a less resource intensive alternative to mining. It allows you to use your tokens to earn more tokens for free. Simply put, you lock up your crypto for BIDEN rewards.

NFT Market

NFT Market: In December 2021 we will release our own NFT for creators and you can create your own NFT product from our purchased NFT and can trade on exchanges other NFT transactions.


The Bidenswap Lottery is a game of chance in which winners are selected randomly. Our lottery allows every user who bought at least one lottery ticket to get rewarded with huge BIDEN prizes.


Tokenomics is an important factor that affirms the quality of the Bidenswap Project (BIDEN) and helps develop an ecosystem with a sustainable foundation around our Bidenswap project.

50% PreSale
10% Airdrop
30% List
5% Team Developer
5% Marketing

Just go to the Metamask wallet app. The application is safe and widely used in the de-fi market. (Remember to never share your seed phrase).
Buy BEP20 BNB to top up your Metamask Wallet.
Change network to Binance smart chain Copy our browser, paste the link in the browser on the Metamask wallet app, pay the minimum transaction fees and get BIDEN tokens.
Press the add wallet button in the browser to automatically add the token to your wallet.
Token Name: BIDENSWAP Token
Symbol: BIDEN
Decimal: 18
Contract: 0x1411534c915Aa28DA50006633F008FF2C7A2B97b

Project Roadmap
  1. December 2021

    - Official website launched & smart contract deployed
    - Social media sites launched
    - Developing the NFT platform.

  2. January 2022

    - Pre-sale & airdrop started
    - Register to confirm information on BSC
    - Listing on Dapprada

  3. February 2022

    • Building the NFT Platform
    • Building the Lottery Platform
    • Artists and high-quality projects settled in the platform
    • Start large-scale marketing online.

  4. March 2022

    • Listed on Pancakeswap March 20, 2022
    • Apply for listings on:
    Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Mexc, BscScan, etc
    • • •

  5. May 2022

    • Launch swap platform, staking program and liquidity pool
    • • •

  6. July 2022

    • Start the Metaverse project
    • More functions, more activities in planning

  7. October 2022

    • Become the Largest, Lowest rate, and most comprehensive cross-blockchain NFT marketplace

  8. December 2022

    • Lottery Launch
    • NFT Marketplace Launch
    • Development of the Ecosystem

Listed On

David Malaan


Andres Jhohne


Michel Balak


Jemes Rodrigez